About Us

Who Are We

We’re an adaptive visual content agency that strives to produce quality driven photography and static visual content for both commercial and individual requirements.

Our Team

Whether you’re in fashion & lifestyle, travel & hospitality, food & beverages, or any commercial sphere that requires inspiring content, CloneStamp is here to deliver a unique visual experience that elevates your brand presence. With exceptional moment photography to capture your once in a lifetime experience to high-end retouching that explores your sense of fashion and individuality, we are here to create imagery that thrives on passion.

About Founder

Abhijeet Mangual

Abhijeet Mangual is professional digital artist who believes in editing to create digital artwork that goes beyond standard photo retouching. With just 7+ years of industry experience, Mangual has worked for more than 30 national and international brands ranging across fashion, food and lifestyle industries. His vision to create thought-evoking and stunning imagery for brands and individuals propelled him to bring together a team of visual experts whose skills range across the domain of photography, digital art, illustration and photo manipulation.

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